Saturday, May 13, 2006

BarCamp Mumbai Part -2

Just thought it was enough on that previous chapter... Now here on the part - 2 doing the same Reporting...

Here I have in front of me a Presentation about Web 2.0. Some how people here seem to be over dosed by Web 2.0 and hate even a mention of it. But, this chap who is talking has actually been able to talk some sense and keep the geeks quite! Now this lady Roma is trying to make a presentation about there website. Which to me looks ore like the _MARKETING TALK!!_. This is something surprizing _Marketing Talk_ at the BarCamp which is to me is an Techie gathering. ButIi guess she would come to the Techie part in some time. This is more of the Marketing talk guys and not talking anything different.

While these guys do the Marketing talk I will key down what I feel about the whole BarCamp concept. They some how hate Google is what I feel. Also, this sees to be actively driven by Yahoo! which does not surprise me about the Google hatered wave. :-P...

Anyway the Web 2.0 guys are done. :-D... So may be we may have Some More techie stuff.

Well, guys one more *WEB* application, now they are trying to say something not so *Marketing* types. They have termed it, India 2.0. Well they I would say *they must be knowing what they say! you excuse me for that...*

OK fine it was time I moved my base to Vada Pav (Another Room at KReSIT.)...

Now at emacs lisp talk. So till this gets over, which is pretty Techie, no blogging.

Just done with the AWESOME talk about LISP... it was great I shall up date the techie date later but right now just to update you all I am in a cool Entertainment Program by DJ Fedreu (if I am spelling his name correctly.). It is some story by some astrologer.


Well guys this is an epilouge.... all is done and all in all it was a good experience of good techie stuff and _A LOT_ of Web 2.0... This is your Rudra signing off from BarCampMumbai, IIT-B KReSIT.
Hope to catch you all at BarCampPune.


Blogger Fadereu said...

thanks for the kind words, dude. See you in Pune!

10:41 PM  

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